Malcolm Robb

Software Engineer / Architect


A passionate technologist with a flair for technical and process improvement.



15 years experience designing, building and supporting software as a developer and consultant.


Experience in market risk, including instrument valuation and reporting, and wealth management.


Proficient across Windows and Unix. IP networking and other networked solutions.


  • C++ / C++11
  • Boost
  • Javascript
  • SQL / DBA
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Batch / WSH
  • CVS / Subversion / Git
  • Windows / Cygwin
  • Linux
  • Unicode & internationalisation
  • Networking & telecoms


DST Global Solutions, London

Askari Software Engineer / Architect


Market risk analysis product, written in C++ on Windows using COM and MSSQL.

  • Tech lead for migration of software development to UK.
  • Designed and conducted training sessions for new team.
  • Authored and collated code and architecture documentation, published on internal wiki.

DST Global Solutions, Melbourne, Australia

Askari Software Engineer


  • Quickly gained familiarity with baroque COM application suite and complex business logic.
  • Worked with financial engineers to design and develop valuation models.
  • Devised suite of application scripts automating administrative processes.
  • Diagnosed complex client issues relating to application, operating system, database and performance problems.
  • Introduced C++ metaprogramming techniques to substantially improve performance and reduce complexity of Unicode system port.
  • Internal SQL Server and Windows administration.

Swinburne University of Technology *

Sessional Lab Supervisor


Instruction and supervision of students, troubleshooting of equipment and projects and marking of submitted work.

Avanteos *

Senior Developer / Architect (part time from 2006 due to study)


Wealth management platform written in C++ and PHP / JS / DHTML on MSSQL.

  • Mentor and subject matter expert in technical (build and language) and business (regular facilities, share and managed fund order placement) areas.
  • Conceived and participated in implementation of code review process.
  • Promoted and implemented unit testing using CPPUnit for core library functionality.
  • CVS administrator and nightly build maintainer.
  • Ownership of maintenance and enhancement of core (database, CGI and network) libraries.

National Tenancy Database *

Ad-hoc Consulting


Provision of development and support services for Linux based Perl / PHP web application backed on PostgreSQL.

Center for Advanced Internet Architectures (CAIA) *

Research Assistant (part time)


Researched, designed and implemented a novel network-layer spam mitigation system using C++ with hooks for Perl integration (

*: Jobs worked concurrently due to part time or ad-hoc nature.


Swinburne University of Technology - Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications)

  • Graduated with first class honours.
  • Recipient of the 2008 H.R. Steele Award for overall highest achieving graduate in any engineering discipline.
  • Recipient of the Millennium Design Award for the Microwave Modem Transceiver project (
  • Recipient of the 2007 Agilent Award for Excellence for performance in HET-424 IP Technologies.
  • Highest performing student in:
    HET-313 Telecommunications Technologies and HET-104 Lan Principles (2006),
    HET-424 IP Technologies and HET-336 Network Engineering (2007)
    HET-317 Network Security and Resilience, HET-436 Broadband Multimedia Networks, HET-517 Radiofrequency and Mixed Signal Design (2008)

The University of Melbourne - Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Completed to third year level, deferred due to career opportunity.

Scotch College - Hawthorn, Australia

Victorian Certificate of Education

Malcolm Robb — — +44-7944-168-128